Let’s address the elephant and donkey in the room

I know electronic voting is a bad idea.
I did my research getting into this on why electronic elections are a dangerous idea. Connecting voting to the internet invites hackers from all over the world to attack our elections. If that is prevented, there is no way to verify that the votes people cast are the ones databases receive. And if neither of those things go wrong, without paper backups there is no way to recount.
That is why this idea is conceptual.
Even though this should not happen with technology we have currently, it is technically possible for electronic voting to become viable sometime in the future. And thinking about what that could look like is interesting. Could we return to the direct democracy, where each citizen gets a vote on every issue? Will that put an end to corruption? Will it worsen it?
But possibilities of mobile voting are too good to ignore.
Not everyone can vote on election day. People who are physically disabled, or have other difficulties leaving the house can’t always make it to a polling place. Mobile voting would allow them to vote at their own homes, or allow one worker at an assisted living facility to help every person there stay politically involved.
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