About Me

Who is this "Andrew Birkhoff" anyway?

As a designer:
I’m an Industrial Designer, but I don’t love products for products' sake. I love them for the problems they solve. I love learning about people and creating products that make a meaningful improvement to their lives. When I start working to solve a problem, I obsess over it. I think about what I am trying to solve all the time, and use any knowledge I have to try to make the solution meaningful.
As a person:
I love stories. I get them anywhere I can: video games, books, podcasts, history, radio. But even more I love the art of telling stories, and I tell them every chance I get. I write stories for my friends for our Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. When conversation stalls I pull out my list of personal stories, often to the dismay of my wife who has heard them all several times. Even the chance that someone who reads this will ask me to tell them a story is exciting.

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